I was born in Marietta Georgia, but my formative years took place in jungles of Southeast Asia. when I was 2, the family packed up and we moved to the Philippines where I spent some of the most tropical/volcanic/humid/rice-consuming years of my life. after that we returned to our slightly less exotic existence back in the states. cut to high-school where I quickly realized that I wasn't going to follow in the engineering footsteps of my father and grandfather. pursuing the path along the right side of my brain led me to the Savannah College of Art and Design where I spent some time exploring the world of fine art, but ultimately I decided to shift gears and explore the world of fine advertising. this brought me back to Atlanta where I entered the Creative Circus as a designer, but exited an art director. I’m almost done, stick with me. cut to my first real ad job where I was lucky enough to work for Jerry Cronin. he took me under his meaty wing for several years where we ended up doing two agency stints together. I can’t say I learned everything about advertising from Jerry, but I definitely learned everything good about advertising from Jerry. so you get it, I'm quite fond of the guy, he taught me some good stuff, valuable lessons were learned and here I am, all these years later, still enjoying the advertising ride. 

so beyond the formative jungle years and the thick Boston accent Jerry years, I experienced the most defining years of my life when I met my wife and we started raising our two moderately* adorable girls together.